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Dig softly... and carry a big stick.

The new Vac-Con XX-CavatorTM exceeds the requirements of the most particular excavating contractors by delivering a full 28"g and an awe inspiring 7000 CFM. That's not a misprint; no smoke, no mirrors, just power. It's also available with a choice of front or rear mounted boom, water systems to 4000PSI, and an option list to satisfy the demands of any job. And if you can't find it on the list, well... what you don't see, ask for. Vac-Con doesn't just claim to be a custom manufacturer, we do it every day. Part of carrying a big stick is knowing when not to use it. For those jobs that don't require ground eating power, you can turn it down and use less fuel*. Responsibility has always been the biggest part of leadership. more >